How to Get Periscope Videos onto YouTube

Several readers have asked about how to get Periscope videos onto YouTube. Here's the process I followed during my short-lived Persiscope experiment.

For a few months earlier this year, I answered reader questions via video. I'd like to continue the series, but I'm still kind of putting my life back together.

As part of my effort to get back into it a couple months ago, I tried Periscope. I struggle with Periscope, and that experiment crashed and burned fairly quickly. But I did learn from it, and several readers asked how I was able to edit and get Periscope videos onto YouTube to add to the Online Freelance Writing Tidbits series.

get Periscope videos onto YouTube

Capture Video (Hooray for Landscape View)

First of all, the point of Periscope is to be somewhat raw and personal. That's one of the reasons I like it. I don't like spending time editing video and trying to be “professional,” so from that standpoint Periscope works well. I found that taking the video from a good angle was made easier with the help of a selfie stick. (My selfie stick is a freebie received as swag at FinCon. I did not buy my selfie stick. I still maintain that I will never spend money on a selfie stick.) If you are serious about using Periscope, it might make sense to get one, or to get a phone tripod to better manage your image. Just holding it can get tiring, and it may mean more movement than you would like.

As with all videos, it's better if you can turn your phone sideways and record in landscape. The good news about Periscope is that, since the end of the summer, it's been possible to record in landscape mode, so do that. Setting up your Periscope using the app is a little tedious, but it has to be done on your phone, and you have to deal with it. The good news is that you don't have to do a lot of extra signing up because your Twitter handle is also your Periscope handle.

Once you have your video, it's available for 24 hours via Periscope. If you want to have it available for longer, sign up for a service like Katch. You can use Katch to share with others, without the need for YouTube, and you don't have to worry about the video disappearing.

Unfortunately, I discovered that downloading your Periscope video from Katch doesn't always work. When I tried to download my Periscope video to my computer so that I could edited it a little and upload it to YouTube, I discovered that there was a lot missing. Gaps in the recording appeared, even though on the web it ran smoothly.

Straight from Your Phone to Your Computer

In order to successfully get Periscope videos onto YouTube, I had to stream from my phone to my computer — which meant immediately capturing the videos as soon as I finished making the Periscope video so I wouldn't forget. With Katch essentially useless for my purposes, there wasn't much else to do. I have a Mac and an iPhone, so I don't know how well this translates with Android/PC combinations. Here are the steps:

  • Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Mac. Make sure to turn off the Mute.
  • Open your Periscope app on your iPhone and select the desired replay/broadcast.
  • Open QuickTime on your Mac and select “New Movie Recording” from the File menu.
  • There should be a list of options next to the “Record” button in QuickTime. You should select the iPhone for your Camera and for your Mic.
  • Now, hit record on QuickTime on your computer. Then, click the Play button on your Periscope app. Let it run on your phone, and QuickTime should record it as it runs.
  • Realize that you might not hear sound as you record, but as long as you have iPhone selected as your Mic in the options, it should be recording sound. You can replay the video in QuickTime to make sure.

Now you can export the video to your desktop, or wherever you save videos, when you are done. I upload the saved product in the video editing software I use in order to add the intro and the outro to the video. Then I save the new project as complete. From there, it's easy to get Periscope videos onto YouTube because you can just upload as normal.

The process is a bit involved, but it's a good way to move it over with a decent quality, and then proceed as normal to edit and upload to YouTube.

Finally, if you're looking for pointers on you you can use Periscope to build your brand as a freelancer, Amanda Abella has a great tutorial.

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  1. Carolyn Marie Solton

    Hi Miranda, I’ve followed your instructions and opened Quick Time on my mac and went to ‘New Movie Recording’. The only option there is ‘insight camera’. I even updated QuickTime and still the same… Humm. Any ideas? I’m using an Android not an Iphone, would that make a difference?

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