My Thoughts on Yesterday’s Election

Well, I’m not all that surprised at the way things turned out in Logan yesterday. Sad in some cases, but not surprised. I figured that people would decide to see the road tax and CVTD tax as an “either, or” issue, and that roads would win out (they did). I voted for both taxes. Why? Because I don’t mind paying more taxes on consumer goods. I’d be happier in general if we had more taxes on consumer luxuries (NOT food) and fewer income taxes. But I digress.

At any rate, obviously people would rather pay for more roads. It means that they don’t have to change behaviors. Vote to increase service by the CVTD and you feel like you have to use it. And heaven forbid we all change our behaviors. Because progression (in both an eternal and temporal sense) is all about…doing the same thing? No, wait. That’s stagnation.

And even though he lost by less than 400 votes, Joe Needham still lost. Which is sad to me. Jay Monson’s main argument against him was Joe’s forward-thinking and insightful vote to pull out of IPP 3. Good move. Since IPP 3 is struggling since most of California pulled out. And coal is still dirty, dangerous and much less efficient, in the long run, than wind or solar power. So we voted in a guy who thinks coal is the future? Well I didn’t vote him in. I voted for the guy who thought dragging us aboard a project that is sinking financially was a bad idea. Other people did. Apparently a resource that is outdated, dangerous (and deadly – Crandall Canyon) and more difficult to turn into electricity is a sound investment to many of the fine folks here. Oh and more polluting. But we already knew that pollution isn’t a big deal…

But my faith in humanity isn’t completely destroyed. Laraine Swenson pulled through, easily smashing the competition. Not even Loganites could stomach Val Ewell (bless them!). And perhaps “we the people” finally sent a message to our Utah Legislature representatives: “Represent us, not special interests!” with the defeat of school vouchers. But we’ll see. I can see those wiley folks in Salt Lake trying another trick. The other implication is that we want more money for education here in Utah.

And, finally, I do feel bad for Steven Taylor. I liked that he pounded the pavement, looking for votes. And since, really, there isn’t much of a difference between him and Herm Olsen, I voted for Taylor because he pulled my heartstrings.

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  1. If it make you feel any better, my wife and I did not vote for Monson either (my guess is that the elderly and the last name association got him the vote). For some reason I just could not vote for someone who states his qualifications as being old, so he can represent the elderly. Only about 2,000 voted yesterday in Logan, probably most of them were not around the same age or as concerned about Logan’s long term future as you.

  2. alvord: he also was running on qualifications like “my family hasn’t been here for 5 generations” and “i’m not rich.” all in all, his qualification list was lacking: old, 1st generation loganite, not rich, and supports IPP 3.

    nemesis: i agree. i wish it had passed. my new home is out further than we had planned, and the bus doesn’t make out here. and now it looks like it will be a loooong time before it does.

    but i persist! i shall find one place to park in town, and then go in the bus from there!

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