Naming Babies: How Weird is Your Name?

I read a post on the blog wait but why not too long ago. It was about naming babies, and how some of them are classic, and others are fad. (Interestingly, it appears that Utah is a leader in starting baby name fads.)

I thought I'd pop on over to the site mentioned in the post, The Baby Name Wizard, and see the stats surrounding my name. It was kind of fun:

As you can see, my name saw a huge peak during the 1990s. According to the Wizard, the popularity of the name peaked in 1995. This doesn't really surprise me because, well, Sex & The City. But it's sort of declined in popularity since then, not experienced a real drop off.

This is actually kind of annoying to me, because I really rather liked being the only “Miranda” around, and now there are all sorts of people running around with my name.

Other fun things I knew about my name before I looked it up on the site (but the info is there as well), there is a character in Shakespeare's The Tempest named Miranda, and there's a moon in the solar system bearing that name (I never like to say which because it just invites crude jokes), named for the Shakespearean character.

So there you are. If you want to have a little fun with your name, head on over to The Baby Wizard and check it out. You can also take potential baby names for test drives.

2 thoughts on “Naming Babies: How Weird is Your Name?”

  1. Believe it or not, I have actually had to to contend with at least one other Esther for most of my life (through school, and at one point my workplace had TWO others with the same name – yes, there were three of us, and yet only two Sarahs). So bizarre, seeing as I have a really old fashioned name.

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