Knowing When You Need an Attorney ? And Which One

Every now and then, you need an attorney to help you with your business or finances. Here's how to tell when you should turn to someone with solid legal expertise.

The law affects us in our daily lives in countless ways.

Most of them pass without notice. We drive at (or at least near) the speed limit without consciously thinking all that much about the law. And most of us don't walk through a store specifically thinking that we can' steal anything.

Of course, the law isn't just about criminal issues or traffic laws. There are countless laws on the books that affect us at work, in our families, and in our business.

I'm fortunate. My brother and his wife are both attorneys. I have an uncle and a cousin who practice law. When I need anything, I've got an entire legal team bound to me by blood. But not everyone is so lucky.

When Do You Need an Attorney?

In most cases, you need an attorney when you are involved with something outside your scope of expertise. This is the case for just about anything you decide you want to outsource. When I went through my divorce a few years ago, I turned to an attorney. Additionally, when I have an unusually complex contract I need to be reviewed, I ask a legal expert.

It's important to remember, that because the body of law in our country is so large, not every attorney is right for a given situation. Sure, they all attend law school and pass the bar, but their practice after that can quickly become highly specialized. Their experience is key in determining which situations they are best suited to help you with.

Lucky for me, my various relatives have experience in different areas.

What Areas Should You Consider?

For many of us, a regular family attorney does the job most of the time. But that's not always the best place to go, depending on your needs.

Other legal issues may emerge in your financial life. We all have to think about our fiscal health, and it takes a variety of professionals to keep us on the right track.

When issues come along, you need an attorney with experience in the particulars of what you are going through, whether it be a contract dispute, estate planning, or bankruptcy. Your outcome will be far more positive if you consult with the right legal counsel, and that is essential because there is no way to repair some financial injuries if things aren't done right the first time.

Don't Forget Criminal Defense

The one area many of us don't want to think about is criminal defense, but the uncomfortable truth is that none of us is completely shielded from the possibility of charges, even if they are inherently fraudulent and ultimately disproven. In fact, it can be quite fast to get a case squared away if it has no merit, but the only way to handle it correctly is with an experienced defense attorney.

And more complex cases will require a longer course of action with your attorney. When you consider things like business management and investment, the complexity of what you do as an employee or investor is such that even a simply errant keystroke could cast you in a bad light that requires a protracted legal process to clear up. Utilizing an attorney with a good understanding of these laws and with the experience to navigate through these cases is essential to clearing you of wrongdoing.

Bottom Line

Many of us dread any interaction with the law, but it's unavoidable. At the very least, almost everyone buys property, uses a will, or settles someone's estate as an executor. The process of working through these situations quickly, painlessly, and (most importantly) accurately requires that you use an appropriate attorney for the circumstances, taking advantage of his or her experience and particular skill set to come through the situation in the best possible way.

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