New Baby (Not Mine!)

My brother’s wife just had a baby. It’s their first child. My brother seems sort of shell-shocked. I went to the hospital to visit. I walked in, and was encouraged to hold the baby. I did. Cute baby. Lots of hair.

No baby hungry emotions.

Sometimes I think that I should be baby hungry. You know, since The Boy is five and a half. But nope. Sometimes when I’m playing with my sister’s baby (who is 9 months), I think it would be fun. And it’s not like I’d mind having a baby (I mean, I do like The Boy better than I thought I would). I’m just not chomping at the bit.

Which is convenient. Because Josh is still traumatized from the year and a half he spent as primary caregiver…

3 thoughts on “New Baby (Not Mine!)”

  1. It’s okay not to be baby hungry. After Frodo, I had some PPD/Anxiety that took me years to feel like I was equipped to deal with another one. I still space mine further apart than many. I feel better that way. It’s actually kind of a nice feeling to hold someone else’s beautiful baby, hand him/her back and get no baby twinge and think “nope, it’s not my turn yet…” 🙂

  2. Thnx both of you for your comments! Thanks for sharing, Karin. I didn’t have PPD (my husband did, though, oddly enough), but sometimes I feel a bit of a disconnect five years later.

    Looking forward to see you soon Lindsie! And to meeting Ava.

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