New Moon: Feminism Triumphant?

I haven't seen New Moon. I will probably watch the movie much as I watched Twilight: In fast forward off my Netflix queue. (I have read the books, which, IMO, get progressively worse.) But there was something that struck me about the movie, as I've heard it spoken of by critics and people I know who have seen it: There is a preponderance of shirtless men in this one. I even heard someone point out that the movie — and the entire series — is very progressive and feminist. This got me thinking: Have we really have reached a post-feminist world? After all, this is a blockbuster movie that caters to women's objectification of men, right?

The movie made nearly $141 million in its opening weekend. Only Dark Knight and Spiderman 3 did better. Apparently, a certain type of female moviegoer really is a force to be reckoned with. Could this mean more movies that might depict men as objects? If they make money, perhaps Hollywood is ready to do so. Because it's all about the all-mighty dollar, and few things sell as well as sex. And if women are ready to buy it en masse, someone will definitely sell it.

There are many different forms of feminism. The proponents of some types of feminism have a belief that part of the battle is to get movies that cater to women's sexual desires, since there are plenty of movies, filled with scantily clad women, designed to appeal to the “male gaze”. In this light, equality means more movies with scantily clad Adonis-men so that women can enjoy equal time fantasizing over the unattainable. Movies like New Moon.

Personally, I think it's too bad when anyone is objectified, woman or man. But, I suppose, if you look at it in this very narrow sense, that's progress. But the overall themes and whether or not the entire Twilight saga is feminist, post-feminist or anti-feminist are the subjects of hours, which, frankly, I don't have to waste on the subject.

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2 thoughts on “New Moon: Feminism Triumphant?”

  1. Oh I LOVED that SNL skit you included. I saw it when it was on a few weeks ago and thought it was just too funny. You make a good point that finally a movie is out that objectifies men a little more. Yes, probably not the best but it some ways I think it is progress for feminism. All I will say is the movie New Moon did a better job staying true to the book than Twilight.

  2. Well, at least the powers that be in society are recognizing that women’s sexual fantasies are as important as men’s (or at least have a similar potential for money-making).

    I’m not sure that staying truer to the book is an inducement for me 🙂 But since they managed to make Twilight even worse than book through the deviance, I guess there’s something in that…

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