Occupy Wall Street: What Makes a Legitimate Protest?

Do I agree with some of the Tea Party stuff? No. But do I think they're anti-American, just because they disagree with me? Do I think that their protests from a couple years ago were wrong? Nope. If you have a grievance with the government, and with the way things are run, you should air it. Do I agree with everything in the “manifesto” put out by some of the Occupy Wall Street protestors? Sure don't. But I do agree that it is worth protesting the huge amount of influence that money and corporations have over politicians and policy. And, just because you don't agree with them doesn't make their concerns any less valid, nor does it make their protest any less legitimate, than something you do agree with.

I wanted more time to go into this, but my available ranting time is rather limited these days. So, since he's paid to do it, and he does a really great job, I defer to Jon Stewart:

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