Oh Look! It’s Bernie Sanders … A Candidate After My Own Heart

It’s no secret that I’ve been a little disappointed by the way President Obama has been ground down over the course of his presidency, negotiating away progressive policies in an effort to work with people who just want him, personally, to fail. But, as conservatives start to impose their agenda, it’s becoming apparent that it’s not going to be very helpful to the middle class. Hopefully, as the presidential campaign gets under way, there will be a wakeup call.

We don’t need an establishment liberal (or neoliberal or whatever) and we sure as hell don’t need a conservative. I’d really like to see a true progressive — someone like Bernie Sanders.

Yes, for the last few years I’ve been drinking the Bernie Sanders kool-aid, and I like it.

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It’s true that as a feminist I think it would be nice to see a woman in the White House. However, Bernie Sanders is, himself, a feminist, and his progressive leanings and ideals are more in line with my own priorities.

Bernie Sanders Priorities

Many people wanted to see Elizabeth Warren run, but she’s doing a great job in the Senate, and, let’s be honest, she’s probably far more effective in the Senate than she would be in the White House. We saw how quickly President Obama was beat down. The other politicians, particularly the conservatives, are eager to personally attack those who “need to be put in their place” and women are right up there at the top of the list of people getting out of control and threatening the privilege of patriarchy. At any rate, I like the idea of Bernie Sanders in the White House and Elizabeth Warren raising hell in the Senate.

It makes my little progressive heart pitter-patter with excitement.

Bernie Sanders infrastructure

2 thoughts on “Oh Look! It’s Bernie Sanders … A Candidate After My Own Heart”

  1. Leftie Mormon

    i love Bernie. He’s the best candidate out there. Listening to him makes me miss the excitement of the Dean 2004 campaign or the 2008 Obama campaign. I just hope I can track down a Mormons for Bernie tshirt like the Mormons for Obama shirt I picked up in 2008

  2. If Bernie sanders became president it wold mak the end of this country and the constitution. We would have a pretend health care and most of the people would revolt. Massive debt would be passed off to future generations condemning them to lower standard of living. Moral agency would be destroyed and complete forced government charity would be imposed upon us. Roger chambers PhD

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