On Global Climate Change: Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day. It's a day each year when thousands of bloggers get together and write about the same issue. I've been doing it since inception. This is the third year. The first year, the theme was the environment. Last year, it was poverty. This year, it's global climate change. We were allowed to vote, and, honestly, I voted for education. But clearly most of my peers are more concerned about global climate change. So that's what I'll write about for Blog Action Day.

Do I think global climate change is “real”?

Global climate change is real. There are natural cycles of climate change with regard to the way things are on earth. I also believe that what we choose to do as a society and the human race can affect our world. We wouldn't have been told to be good stewards of the earth if what we did made no difference. While I don't know to what extent human activities influence global climate change, I do think that there must be some effect.

What I think is more important than debating the issue of global climate change

While I suppose figuring out to what extent humans affect climate change could be important, I can think of other things that I view as even more important. Global climate change, unfortunately, is something that is “debatable.” It has political undercurrents. I've written about this before. And I am yet again. The focus on global climate change drives me crazy. It's a convenient way to delay taking action on something that isn't debatable: Pollution.

We know that pollution is there. We can see it. We know it's bad for our health. We know it costs us money in terms of diseases and conditions. And we know it is bad for the environment. But we're so wrapped up in whether or not global climate change is “real” that we aren't paying attention to this very real problem that we can do something about.

And, really, once we starting solving the pollution problem, the portion of global climate change (however big or small that might be) related to human activity will solve itself.

5 thoughts on “On Global Climate Change: Blog Action Day”

  1. I agree with your points Miranda and you really talk out pollution in a way I haven’t really thought about it – it isn’t debatable. Again it makes me want a hybrid car. Not that this is the only thing we can do. I feel we have helped cause my husband and I have only had one car for about 4 years now (maybe more) and we have two children too. Not to pat ourselves on the back but I feel that is helping with pollution.

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