On Weight Loss…

If you know me at all, you know that I am in a constant state of losing 10 pounds. Well, really, it's a constant state of losing 10 pounds, being really happy with myself for about two months, and then watching as my weight balloons over the course of a few weeks because for some reason or another I've stopped exercising and started eating waaaaaay too much junk. It's a cycle that I know is not particularly healthy. Besides, it is insanely annoying; I never know whether I'm going to fit into something I want to wear.

So I've signed up at a gym. Until now, I've been mainly against gyms. They are expensive. I can exercise at home for free. Sadly, though, I'm not effectively exercising at home. My favorite thing to do is swim, and we don't have a pool. I was going to the university to use that pool, thanks to a spouse card. But the times for lap swimming are rather inconvenient, and after a couple of weeks each semester, I give up. At the gym, though, lap swim is anytime I show up. So that's nice. (I'm at Sports Academy. No, they aren't paying me to shill for them. But I won't complain if you claim you're one of my referrals — I can keep my initial lower rate.) I'm pretty certain I'll go to the gym because I'm paying for it. I've even worked out regular times that I can go swimming. I was going to do the yoga class, but in the end, as I looked through the door at all those people, I decided that I'm not the type for group exercise. I do yoga most mornings when I get up anyway.

I'm also trying something radical (for me, at least): Preparing healthy foods ahead of time for snacking purposes. I like red peppers, apple slices, baby carrots and grapes. If I wash these ahead of time, prepare them for easy eating and then leave them out (while sort of hiding the candy), I snack on these. At least, that's plan. I have to eat something sweet everyday or I go crazy, but I'm working on portion control.

So that's my grand idea to lose 10 pounds. Again. And hopefully keep it off this time. The key, as we all know, is making an actual lifestyle change. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that. Because the hard part is making an actual lifestyle change.

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  1. Oh I feel your pain (well not pain but that is how the saying goes). It is just making the change and not trying to make the change. It is actually getting the healthy food out of the fridge and eating it not just buying it. Good for you and good luck with your goals!!

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