[Video] Online Freelance Writing Tidbits: Do More? Get Paid More!

Are you being asked to do more in order to keep up with Google’s “new normal”? This week’s online freelance writing tidbits video is all about how you shouldn’t balk at asking for more money.

When I first started providing online content in 2005, a “standard” blog post was 250 to 300 words long. That was a post sufficient to satisfy Google. Five years ago, a “standard” blog post has increased in word count to 500 words. Now, many blog owners and other online content mavens think that your blog post needs to be at least 700 words long to impress Google.

The online freelance writing space is always evolving, and website owners need to keep up with that reality. However, that doesn’t mean that you should get the short end of the stick. Many website owners come to me and ask if I can make my posts a little bit longer, or a little bit meatier, or a little more in-depth. I’m perfectly fine doing this. But I expect to be compensated accordingly.

Remember, your online freelance writing services aren’t based on what site owners think that Google wants to see; your rate should be based on the amount and type of work you are doing. When a client asks for longer, meatier articles to increase their search engine visibility, that’s your cue to ask for more money.

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