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I love this. Made me laugh. But let’s be honest. Neither party is actually going to come up with something new. It would be waaaaay too politically risky.

Actually going out there and adopting an agenda that does something for We the People means breaking with the business interests that both parties are so beholden to. Barack Obama tried several times to do something for the people (including, originally — before it was slapped down — a pretty decent health care plan), but he has now been beaten back by GOP refusals to compromise and refusals by Democrats to risk their re-election campaign money.

I really believe Obama came in with good ideas and plenty of passion to make positive change. I’m kind of sad to see him all but defeated now, with his ideas and plans so watered down that they are hardly his anymore — no matter what the pundits are screaming. I hate to say it, since I think compromise in politics is a good thing generally, but he really should have pushed his agenda and attempted compromise be damned. We the People elected him because of his ideas and plans. He could have pursued those aggressively while he had all sorts of “political capital” to spend.

After giving way and giving way, all the people he tried to placate still rejected his attempts. We probably would be better off if he had just realized that no matter what he gave up or how many meetings he had with GOP leaders, their strategy from the beginning has been to say “no” — no matter what. Plus, he should have realized that many of the Democrats in Congress are just as much in business pockets.

We’ve got a system in Washington that is all about the status quo. And no matter what any fine new candidates promise, that isn’t likely to change soon. Our two-party system, which is so reliant on special interest and business money from all sides, is designed to maintain things just as they are.

You can vote Republican or Democrat all you want, but little is likely to actually change until we actually demand more from our leaders. Something we’re unlikely to do because we’re to distracted by pundits screaming misleading talking points about things that don’t matter.

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