PayPal Shopping Expert Claudia Lombana Talks Trends

Are you ready for the coming trends in shopping? Digital wallets and PayPal at the register.

It's an exciting time in the world of shopping and technology. We're already seeing the introduction of digital wallets designed to allow you to pay simply by waving a smart phone in front of a terminal at the store. However, these digital wallets require retailers to adopt certain technologies. What about digital payment without the need for new technology?

PayPal's Claudia Lombana recently spoke with me about a new development in the world of shopping technology: PayPal at the register. Home Depot is helping debut this option. Using a regular PIN pad at the store, it's possible for you to walk in, without any money, and use PayPal to make payments. This option doesn't require new technology; it works with existing technology. And it could make it easier to pay — even if you forgot your wallet.

While PayPal is working on its own digital payment to work with smart phones, Lombana says that the company realizes that not everyone is ready for this technology, and that it will be years before retailers are willing to take on the expense of upgrading their equipment. PayPal's new payment is an interesting shopping trend that could be coming to a store near you. Click below to hear audio of our interview:


Image source: Jim via Wikimedia Commons

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