Planting Money Seeds | 2016 Stock Market Challenge

Hey friends! I thought it might be fun to run a stock market challenge this summer. It’s already underway, but you can sign up to participate this whole month.

The challenge consists of a virtual investing competition in which the top 3 performers will be awarded free subscriptions to Wall Street Survivor?s personal finance and investing courses. The top 25 performers will receive a free copy of Wall Street Survivor?s E-Book.


Upon creating a free account and joining the ?Planting Money Seeds? league, you will receive $100,000 USD to invest in a virtual portfolio.

The 1st, 2nd?and 3rd?top performers will be awarded a 1 year, 6 month, and 3 month free course subscription valued at $205, $120, and $60 respectively.

There are also cash prizes to accompany the course subscription: $250, $150, and $100, respectively.

The league opens on June 1 and runs for 2 months, finishing on August 1. Winners will be contacted and awarded coupons to claim their prize, and asked for their PayPal addresses so the cash prize can be sent.



Learn about financial markets. Anyone can enter, prior investing experiences is not required. The competition is designed to be a fun, easy and rewarding way to learn about investing in the stock market.


Practice makes perfect. ?With real market conditions, the stock market game will allow you to become familiar with the day-to-day swings of the market and practice your stock picking abilities.


Step 1: Create a free account

Visit? click Sign Up For Free to create an account.

Step 2: Join the Planting Money Seeds league

From the main menu, select?Leagues?and?Join a league. Then, using the search function, find ?Planting Money Seeds? and click?Join this league.

Or visit the league page directly and click?Join this league.

Step 3: Build and manage your portfolio

From the main menu, select?Portfolio?and?Add stocks to your portfolio. Complete?Courses and use the?Investing Ideas feature to learn about the stock market and how to build and manage your portfolio.

Good luck!


Wall Street Survivor?s mission is to spread financial literacy. They specializes in offering engaging, jargon-free personal finance and investing courses. They make learning about investing fun and rewarding with the web?s most popular stock market game. Wall Street Survivor is one of the go-to places on the web for financial education.

2 thoughts on “Planting Money Seeds | 2016 Stock Market Challenge”

  1. Cool challenge. Summer is typically a tough time for the markets though a few months (or even a few years) doesn’t really matter for long-term investing.

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