#Plutus13 at #FinCon13: Nominations Open!

This year I'm doing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff with Plutus, and I'm super excited. Awards season has started, and nominations are open!

There is one conference that I look forward to every year: The Financial Blogger Conference. Yes, I go to NMX often, and I have a lot of fun. But FinCon is where I really connect with people and hang out with my friends.

Part of FinCon is the Plutus Awards. Luke Landes from Consumerism Commentary started them up the year before FinCon started, and they are a way to honor the best in the world of personal finance, including financial products and service providers, as well as individual bloggers.

4th Annual Plutus Awards

Nominations are now open. Head on over to nominate your favorite blogs. Anyone can nominate blogs, even those who aren't “officially” part of the PF blogosphere. If you're a personal finance blogger, you can also nominate service products and providers.

The Plutus Awards are a lot of fun, and Kevin McKee (you know him from Thousandaire and RewardBoost) will be the Master of Ceremonies again. Everything you need to know about the nomination and voting process is available on the Plutus Awards web site, and you can also register to attend the event — and the awesome After Party — at EventBrite (don't worry; it's completely free).

FinCon13 is shaping up to be great, and the Plutus Awards should be the best yet. And, if you want a little help filling in your ballot, here is a custom link with my blogs filled in.

I'm very excited about this year, and I can't believe that it's only a couple months away.

3 thoughts on “#Plutus13 at #FinCon13: Nominations Open!”

  1. Miranda,

    I’ve looked everywhere … but can’t find out … where does the name “Plutus” come from??

    1. Miranda Marquit

      Comes from Ploutos (not to be confused with Pluto, although the two are sometimes conflated), the Greek god of wealth. The Romanized version (because the Romans were all about adapting Greek religion at that point) is Plutus.

  2. Thanks! I had searched only the #FinCon13 info — thought it was an esoteric term that was explained somewhere on the site. Should have Googled. *facepalm* Hope to meet you!

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