Political Discourse in America

Political discourse in America is reaching new lows for my lifetime. The smears, lies and almost lynch mob mentality out there is starting to become annoying.

Seriously, can we please actually talk about the issues? And can we do it without personally attacking the other person?

While it is true that overzealous bloggers and cheerleaders on both sides get a little heated about issues and resort to name calling, it is quite another thing when the candidates themselves resort to it.

And I will tell you right now that I see a big difference between these two things:

Obama: “I disagree with Senator McCain…” and then calling him out on a policy vote or decisions.

Sarah Palin talking about “terrorist buddies.”

One is a discussion of the issues and the other is an emotional, fear-mongering lie that has nothing to do with policy issues. Additionally, it is worth pointing out that the Obama campaign has been quick to condemn personal attacks (notably on Palin's family). The McCain campaign? Not so much. That campaign encourages such remarks and has no problem when someone in the crowd, whipped to a mob-like frenzy, yells something like “Kill him!”

This negativity, emphasis on lies and fear-mongering does the entire country a disservice. Rather than contradict Obama's claims and policy proposals with reasoned argument, many times zingers, one-liners and outright falsehoods are used. There are plenty of things that Obama says that are debatable, in terms of policy and where he stands on the issues. So, for heaven's sake, craft an actual reasoned argument. Instead of using rumor-mongering and making stuff up, try some facts. There are plenty of facts to support arguments against Obama's policy proposals.

I encourage you to read two excellent observations on the state of political discourse in America:

David over at My Two Dollars (who received a threat against his wife for his views).

Erin Kotecki Vest at Queen of Spain (who writes an excellent piece on going too far in rabble rousing).

Pundit Mom has posted some scary videos of the hate and lies that pass as political speech now.

6 thoughts on “Political Discourse in America”

  1. I really loved this post. I have been feeling the very same way for the past few weeks. If a candidate is strong and really has the right solutions to the problems right now in our country then why would that candidate need to resort to such low and dirty politics. A website I have been loving is http://www.factcheck.org. It has been great when you want to know the facts and dispell rumors and false ads. The website presents a very great analysis and backs up what they are saying with lots of facts and verifiable sources. The website doesn’t seem to have a bias, there are many falsehoods pointed out for each campaign. Again, thanks for this post!

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