Pre-Order My Book: Only 6 Days Left in My Indiegogo Campaign

My Indiegogo campaign is winding down. Want to help me publish my book and get a few extra perks in the bargain? Now is the time to act!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit disappointing. It's been a long, slow slog through the “down time” of my Indiegogo campaign, and I've lost some of my original enthusiasm. But I'm starting to perk up again, since I'm getting down to the wire.

I've hit the $2,000 mark, and that means there's only $500 more to go until my campaign is considered “successful.” To be honest, I had hoped for a little more interest in my book, since the pricing at the $7 level, for the PDF ebook version, is lower than the final price — and there are perks that go with pre-ordering during the Indiegogo campaign.

Oh well. I've still got a few days left to be considered a success 🙂

Besides, with Indiegogo's flexible funding (an option Kickstarter doesn't have) I can use the money I do receive to go toward helping get the book published, and toward some of my efforts at marketing. Which is fantastic, since I've already been able to move forward with the editing process, and I'm hoping to make the changes and have the book professionally designed and laid out.

Indiegogo six days left

Perks with the Pre-Order via Indiegogo Campaign

There are some perks that come with pre-ordering on Indiegogo. Of course, once you get past the $7 level, you're not pre-ordering at a discount. Let's be honest. Really, you're just helping me out, and you're getting some “thank you” perks as a result. Plus, there's also a secret perk offered some of the funders. This perk will become apparent when the campaign is over and I get ready to launch the book. Those who are eligible for the secret perk will benefit from helping me promote the book.

I've been pleasantly surprised at some of those who have gone ahead and funded at the higher levels.?Someone thinks I have something worthwhile to offer — and it's not just my dad!

Indiegogo Campaign Contribute


At any rate, check out the campaign. And it you feel so inclined, I'd love your support. Or, at the very least a couple of tweets and Facebook mentions.

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