President George W. Bush Legacy: Hurt the Children

If I was president, the one legacy I sure wouldn't want is hurt the children. But I think that's what President George W. Bush wants as his legacy. Or perhaps it should be expanded to include the American people. After all, he has been way more concerned about funding an ill-conceived war in Iraq than he has been about actually taking care of the American people. Here is something that should make your stomach turn, from the Washington Post:

The money spent on one day of the Iraq war could buy homes for almost 6,500 families or health care for 423,529 children, or could outfit 1.27 million homes with renewable electricity, according to the American Friends Service Committee, which displayed those statistics on large banners in cities nationwide Thursday and Friday.

The joy. The sheer joy of it all.

And don't forget this tidbit, from the American Chronicle:

US taxpayers have spent over $450 billion on Iraq alone, while Bush/Cheney cronies continue making a killing from military contracts.

But President George W. Bush wants to make sure his legacy is sure. That's why he is threatening to veto the renewal and expansion of the S-CHIP program that provides health insurance to millions of children.

Bravo. This legacy of hurt the children can move beyond the thousands of children hurt by the Iraq War and bring it to millions in our country. Along with dubious education funding, this should do just enough to send more children in the wealthiest country in the world into conditions that don't match the promise of America.

And what's the rhetoric he's using? Trying to balance the budget. Laughable. The Republicans were in power for just over a decade in Congress, and they, along with President Bush, presided over the biggest government expansion and largest deficit increases in history. But now that Dems are in charge they're ready to be fiscally conservative? Now they're worried about government expansion? After creating the largest and most intrusive government in our nation's history? After mortgaging our economy on debt to invade another country? Riiiight.

I'd rather see MY tax dollars go toward healthcare and education for children than to continue a war built on false premises. I'd rather see government expansion in the form of programs to take care of American people than government expansion in the form of a redundant and largely unnecessary Homeland Security department that advocates invading my privacy.

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  1. Those figures from the Washington Post were exasperating and even unpalatable, but not really unexpected when looking at the larger context of his entire administration. Why should President Bush to be concerned about children. There is no good way to exploit them, they are a nonvoting demographic, they can’t be propagated by Karl Rove, Bush can’t propagate them as soldiers in the Iraq War, yet anyways, and they typically don’t donate money. Sure there is the possibility of rearing the children into evil but that is more a Cheney thing, don’t you think. Really though, is it the Reagan boot strap mentality that is coursing through his blood? Whenever it comes to actually helping Americans, young, middle aged, or old Bush hides behind “fiscal responsibility” and refuses to step in and help.

    Maybe we should just look at it from his point of view; it is those vulnerable and innocent victim-C.E.O’s and executives of the hard working insurance companies such as BlueCross, UnitedHealthCare, Alliance, and others that would be preyed upon by the poor children of this country. These ruthless children would exploit the S-CHIP program with affordable and beneficial health care coverage that would strain the national budget drive the hard working, and honest insurance companies out of business. Remember who the real victims are when President Bush vetoes the expansion.

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