Reader Question: What about Hoarding Quarters?

Hoarding pennies and nickels is becoming popular, but is it worth it to get into hoarding quarters, too?

Recently, I received this question from a reader. He had been reading about hoarding nickels and pre-1983 pennies on this blog, and had his own question about coin hoarding:

What about quarters? They have a higher face value, and aren’t some of them made from silver?

With the US Mint testing new metals to make creating our currency cheaper, the idea of coin hoarding older coins, made with more valuable metals is becoming popular. Pennies and nickels are especially popular since you can find them in circulation or even buy them in bulk.

But my reader brings up a good point. What about hoarding quarters?

Hoarding Quarters from Before 1965

Right now, quarters are mostly copper (8.33% nickel, with the remainder copper). However, there was a time when quarters were made from 90% silver. The year 1964 and earlier saw a high silver content for quarters. As a result, some coin-hoarding enthusiasts like to look into these items as well.

These quarters are a little bit harder to find in circulation, though, because many people started saving them in 1965 when the composition changed drastically. While I can see that I have a few from my coin collection days as a child, they are increasingly rare.

You can buy bulk lots of pre-1965 quarters from sellers, particularly coin sellers on eBay. You might pay above face value, though. However, if you think that silver is going to keep gaining value, and if you think having tangible metals will be an important part of surviving in a post-economic-apocalypse world, then buying quarters in bulk might not be a bad idea.

Another consideration is that, right now, there is a high copper content in quarters. Hoarding quarters from that standpoint might not be so bad — especially if you are having trouble getting into the penny investing scene.

As with all investing, though, you need to make sure you weigh the pros and cons. Think about your own investing needs, as well as where you would store all those coins. While you can pay for off-site storage, it can make it harder to get to your cache in the event of an emergency.

What do you think? Is hoarding quarters worth it? Do you hoard coins?

6 thoughts on “Reader Question: What about Hoarding Quarters?”

  1. Investor Junkie

    From my research, you are best off to hoard cigarettes and alcohol than dead presidents on worthless coins.

    1. Miranda Marquit

      You make a good point. There are other things, if a barter society comes to pass, that might be considered more valuable.

  2. Dave@Your Financial Future

    I am certain we are going to see an economic collapse in our lifetime, i’ve got some bullion but nothing of a smaller denomination so these might well be worth checking out!

  3. I can easily see pre 1964 US coinage as a viable currency along with cigarettes and alcohol. A true mixed bag economy.

    Parks will be farmland. We will become like Cuba.

  4. i save all my change, why hold paper money, its harder to make coins, i even go to work and get rid of 3-4 dollars a day for quarters, theres no risk…. plus each quarter tells there own history….. a crash is coming, my dad always said where goin back to the 1860s, with just coins/barter…. get ready….

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