Do You Really Need to Meet Other Bloggers in Person?

Make deeper connections with other bloggers by meeting them in person.

Many assume that professional blogging is a solitary career path. After all, here we are, sitting in our pajamas, in our homes, interacting online rather than venturing out into the real world.

And, to tell the truth, many bloggers are a little socially awkward and introverted. However, that doesn't mean that they don't need a little in-person social interaction. I've found that meeting other bloggers in person can be an energizing experience, as well as provide you with new ideas. And it doesn't hurt that you are making a connection that seems more “real” when you shake hands with other bloggers and look them in the eye.

Meeting Bloggers

Improve Your Blogging Business

One of the best reasons to meet other blogger in person is for the opportunity to improve your blogging business. Not only do you have the chance to speak with others who understand you and what you do, but you also have the chance to pick up tips to improve your blogging business. Whether you want to improve your writing, learn to podcast, or get some helpful SEO hints, meeting with other bloggers is a big help.

Not only that, but there is something about meeting in person, and bonding, that creates a situation in which you can learn to trust each other. You make alliances, form partnerships, and forge life-long friendships. In-person encounters can help you improve your blogging business and improve your life.

How to Connect with Other Bloggers

The good news is that thousands of bloggers want to connect on a personal level with their peers. Here are three good ways to meet other bloggers in person:

  1. Meetups: Many local areas have blogger meetups. These meetups are mainly about socializing. You go out with other bloggers, get to know each other, and have a good time. Meetups are great for talking shop, making friends, and finding people you like who might make good partners later on.
  2. Conferences: I love me a good blogging conference. My favorite is FinCon. Since my main focus as a blogger is finances, I have a lot of friends in the PF blogosphere. Attending FinCon is a great way to deepen relationships. But I also attend NMX fairly regularly. Conferences are great because you attend sessions offered by experts who really understand what they are doing. You learn new things, as well as mix and mingle with other bloggers, affiliate program representatives, and potential business partners.
  3. Mastermind groups: Finally, you can get together with other bloggers in mastermind groups. These are targeted groups, usually small and intimate, that can really help you boost your business. It's about sharing knowledge and getting specific help.

Blogging doesn't have to be solitary. It's possible to make connections and improve your blogging business. Don't be a stranger to other bloggers; meet them and reap the benefits.

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  1. It’s definitely good to meet other bloggers in person. I love putting faces and voices to names, and it makes my connection a lot better.

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