Rebates for Simple Tasks: My Swag Bucks Review

I’ve crossed to the dark side and am now using Swag Bucks. Here is my Swag Bucks review.

Late last year, I let someone I know talk me into joining Swag Bucks. Since penny-pinching isn’t my thing?– I’m more of a “do the big things for more money” kind of gal — Swag Bucks never really appealed to me. But I’ve been using the website for a few months, and it’s been going fine. So far I’ve earned $42 (there’s a significant number for you) in Amazon gift cards.

So here’s my Swag Bucks review. If you decide to use my referral to join Swag Bucks, I’ll earn a little extra, based on your Swag Bucks earnings. (Don’t worry: you can get on this, too! Once you join, anyone who joins using your referral contributes to your Swag Bucks earnings over time.)

Not only that, but there’s something extra in it for you during the month of May 2015. Read my Swag Bucks review, and if you open a new account, click on the button that says “I have a sign up code” and enter MoneySeeds. It’s worth an extra 70 Swag Bucks to get you started.

My Swag Bucks Review

Earning Swag Bucks

It’s fairly easy to earn Swag Bucks. The main website features a number of activities you can do to earn Swag Bucks, from watching videos and ads, to completing polls, to shopping. Make your life a little easier and install the Swag Button in your browser. Clicking on the button at least once a day is worth one Swag Buck, so you know that — at the very least — you can earn 365 Swag Bucks every year.

Having the Swag Button also makes it easier to activate “Shop and Earn” while using your browser. When I search for something online, my results come with a little icon next to the results that result in a certain amount of Swag Bucks earned per dollar spent at certain retailers. One of the reasons that I’ve managed to earn the Swag Bucks I’ve received is due to the fact that the browser extension alerted me to opportunities related to items I would have bought anyway. I also received a big Swag Bucks bonus for signing up to make regular donations to a charity I trust. This doesn’t bother me because now I’m making regular donations to a cause I believe in, and that has high marks with

Unfortunately, the reality is that earning Swag Bucks is a slow process?unless you’re willing to devote a great deal of time to the effort. As I expected, it’s a far better use of my time to write an article or two for clients than to spend the time on the Swag Bucks website. For a while, I set my laptop up in the kitchen so that I could run the videos and earn Swag Bucks while making dinner. I might get back to that method?since it’s one way to earn a little extra during a time when I wouldn’t normally be productive in terms of work.

Swag Bucks Review

Redeeming Swag Bucks Rewards

Redeeming your Swag Bucks is fairly straightforward. There is a “Rewards Store” where you can purchase a variety of gift cards. Because Amazon is a huge part of my online shopping life, I usually just focus on those rewards. I was fortunate in another way: When I first joined, it was possible to get a $5 Amazon card for 450 Swag Bucks. That was a discount?and is no long available. Now I just build up Swag Bucks and get the $3 card when I have enough to buy one.

You can also use your Swag Bucks to enter sweepstakes. You purchase entries for a chance to win merchandise?or even cash. Because I’m not big on the lottery and those types of chances; I go for the sure thing.

For the good-hearted among us, it’s also possible to donate Swag Bucks to charity. However, each donation isn’t worth much. You’d need to donate 1,000 Swag Bucks (for the earthquake in Nepal charity) for the donation to be worth $10. You’re better off making your own donation and then turning in your Swag Bucks for gift cards.

Another advantage to Swag Bucks is that sometimes you are offered access to coupons and special deals from partners. If you plan to use these coupons for something already on your shopping list, the coupons can be very helpful.

Swag Bucks Review: Bottom Line

Bottom line? Swag Bucks isn’t a bad thing. If you have a few extra minutes, it can provide you with a way to earn a little extra money in the form of gift cards. If you can encourage referrals, you’ll do better, and you’ll also do pretty well if you use the shopping specials. (I like to use a rewards credit card to make the purchases, too, so I get the cash back rewards on top of the Swag Bucks. It’s all about combining programs.) However, you do need to be careful of falling into the trap of buying things that you don’t actually need?since the Swag Bucks you earn aren’t going to be worth it.

I’ll probably keep with the Swag Bucks; it’s pretty painless. However, if you’re looking to make serious money with the program, you’re going to be disappointed.

Have you used Swag Bucks? What’s your Swag Bucks review?

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