Review: Wealthy Web Writer

Learn a little bit more about writing online with the help of Wealthy Web Writer.

When you are looking for a little help with your freelance writing career, it can be worth it to pay for access to premium resources. One of these resources is the Wealthy Web Writer.

What is the Wealthy Web Writer?

The Wealthy Web Writer purports to help freelance writers for the Internet as they look to earn more money. You sign up to join the site, and you have access to a number of helpful resources. You can join in on live events, covering topics from pricing to creating proposals to finding your niche. Additionally, it’s possible to find various high-paying freelancing jobs through the job board. The pickings are kind of slim on the job board, but the opportunities are fairly solid, including some that come with benefits.

In addition to the various events and seminars offered by the Wealthy Web Writer, you also have access to tutorials on subjects like setting up a professional web site and landing a client. You can also take advantage of the short, helpful “3-Minute Guru” videos that offer tips for becoming a more effective freelance writer online.

All in all it’s a pretty decent resource, focusing on the business of writing for the web, and providing a number of tools for the career writer. There is also a forum, where you can connect with other members, ask questions, and interact on subjects that you can relate to. There is a support aspect and community aspect that makes the Wealthy Web Writer attractive.

How Much Does Wealthy Web Writer Cost?

There are some free resources on the site, including the blog, but most of the more valuable resources require you to sign up as a member. If you want to become a Platinum member and access most of the more valuable resources, including a pretty cool copywriter’s glossary, you need to pay $27 a month. I’ve got a 90-day free trial to review the product, so I haven’t paid anything yet, but I’m having a hard time finding anyplace on the web site that allows you to actually sign up for a free trial.

There is no commitment to keep with the membership, and you can cancel at anytime. In general, the $27 is probably worth it if you plan to stick with it, and you are into webinars. And it can be worth it to pay the $27 for three to six months if you are a beginner and looking for direction as you start (and it’s tax-deductible, since you are using it for your business).

I’m not sure that I will be switching over to a paid subscription, though. There is a great deal of focus on copywriting, and I’m more of a blogging specialist. While I find the resources fairly valuable, I don’t know that I will spend enough time on the site to justify paying the monthly subscription fee.

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