Shameless Self Promotion: Go Buy My Book Edition

I co-wrote a book. It's called Community 101: How to grow an online community. It's out now. You can get it at the publisher, Happy About, at a discount, in paperback or ebook. It's also available in a Kindle version on Amazon.

At any rate, here is some of what I've been doing, around the Web, this last week:

  1. 5 Items for Your November Financial Checklist at Financial Highway
  2. Does the New Debt Settlement Rule Really Help You? at Moneyed Up
  3. 5 Credit Card Traps to Watch Out For at MoneyNing
  4. Get it for Free: Freebie Sites You Can Use at Coupon Shoebox
  5. Should You Enroll in Biweekly Mortgage Payments? at The Military Wallet
  6. Would You Put Your Retirement at Risk for Your Kids' College? at Financial Highway
  7. Ways to Donate to a Charity Online at Good Financial Cents
  8. Online Degree Programs at Money Smart Life
  9. Earn a Little More Money By Christmas at Peak Personal Finance
  10. America's Ten Most Dangerous Jobs at Budget Life
  11. Money Decisions: Do You Feel Better When You Can Share? at the Personal Finance Corner
  12. Simple Tips for Saving Money at the Lending Club blog.
  13. Using a Cash Gift as Your House Down Payment at the Lending Tree blog

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