Shameless Self-Promotion: Health Care Reform Edition

Unless you’ve been living a very secluded life, you are probably aware that last week marked the passage of a health care reform bill. I’m not jumping up and down with joy about it, but I guess it’s a step forward, since, despite the hyperbole-filled claims of some, we will never see truly universal health care in this country. It’s just not going to happen. I seriously doubt we’ll even ever see a public option.

As you might imagine, I wrote about this bill a lot last week. And since I write for some sites that don’t agree with me politically, some of these posts are conspicuously missing my actual opinion, and instead just reporting on the facts of the bill (you know, what’s actually in there, and citing analysis from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office):

  1. How Will Health Care Reform Affect Your Wallet?: Straight up facts, including the tax changes in the bill.
  2. Health Care Reform: How Will State Insurance Exchanges Work?: Again, just straight up facts about how this main point of the bill will work.
  3. Your Options Under the Health Care Reform Bill: This one is slightly slanted, since I wanted to emphasize that this is not, in fact, government controlled health care. However, most of the information is fact-based, laying out exactly what your options will be under the new program.
  4. 5 Immediate Impacts Your Wallet Will See from Health Care Reform: This is another one that is slightly biased to emphasize some of the positives. Mostly, though, it just highlights some of the immediate changes to health insurance policy.
  5. Stocks Rally as Investors Mull Business Implications of Healthcare Reform: A look at how the health care reform bill should boost many businesses in the health sector.
  6. 10 Benefits of the Healthcare Reform Bill: A pro-bill post about 10 immediate benefits of the bill.
  7. Health Care Reform: Thinking Long Term: Includes my opinions about the possible long-term effects of the health care reform bill.

And, for fun, here are some of the posts I’ve written on this blog about health care and health care reform:

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