I have been waiting 6 years for this: Having The Boy involved in extracurricular activities. I enjoy being involved, and I am limited in that area at this stage of life. So now I get to relive my glory days through my son.

Happily, he is excited for the adventure that is soccer. Practice starts on Thursday. As long as it stops snowing. What's even funnier is Josh's reaction. Josh played soccer a good portion of his life growing up in New York. “I hope his coach doesn't teach him bad habits!” he rants. (Josh has a poor opinion of the soccer abilities of Westerners in general.)

Of course, we all know the solution to that problem: Next year perhaps Josh should sign up to coach.

2 thoughts on “Soccer!”

  1. What fun! My oldest is a toddler and since his birth my husband and I have been excited for him to do stuff like that. And yes, hopefully it will all be a good experience.

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