Something to Think About this Memorial Day

We often talk about honoring our troops but do we put our collective public money where our mouths are? Is it lip service only that we pay to our veterans? Even though the number of homeless veterans has decreased in recent years, we probably aren’t doing enough.

We talk about those who have fallen in service of our country; those who are beyond our help (even though their grief-stricken families remain, and we cannot repay their sacrifice). But we often skate over the unpleasant reality of the wounded in body, spirit and mind. And the fact that many veterans come back scarred and need help re-adjusting to civilian life. Too often, we overlook them.

The money to pay for weapons and installations always seems to be available. The money to take care of those who come back — not so much.

On this Memorial Day, take time to honor the fallen. But let’s also think about honoring those who survived and who pay a cost we will never truly understand.

memorial day

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