Spring Time and House Guests

I wish Spring would arrive. But it's snowing (and I mean blizzard snowing), and I'm not sure we'll see spring. It reminds of when I lived in Cedar City and we went straight from winter to summer in practically no time. Except that happened during the month of March. This hasn't happen the three years I've been here, so why now? (More proof that we should focus on air quality instead of global warming.)

But enough of that. This time of year is also when we see an increase in house guests. I like this. Josh's relatives (this year it's his cousin at BYU) generally stop here before heading back to New York for the summer. And if my siblings get bored (like my brother did last weekend) they'll come and visit for a couple of days.

This is fun because it gives us an excuse to eat out, stay up late and laugh loudly. And I feel “cool.” I know I'm not, but it still makes feel “cool” that all these younger people want to hang out with us. Well, I guess we are cooler than parents…

So this weekend I'm excited for more people to visit. Just need to decide where I want to eat…

5 thoughts on “Spring Time and House Guests”

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