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I will send you first to my ultimate guide to investing. This is a resource that lays out all the details and answers your most pressing questions. 

It's your best way to learn how to get started the way I did. Boring AF, yes.  But its worked well over the years and I get straight to the point. 

Financial wellness, because your well-being matters

Before we go any further into my best money tools and resources, I want to first acknowledge that money is personal and you will have your own unique journey. No matter what your past money mistakes, I also want you to know that by being here you are taking the first steps towards your financial well-being. 

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In a nutshell here is how to start

Your best bet is to start with a robo-advisor and use index products. This is a good way to get a good start and begin building a portfolio while you learn about investing. Once you have a better handle on your risk tolerance, needs, and style, you can add individual equities, alternative investments, and try other assets to diversify your portfolio and add growth.

Below: A variety of investment platforms to meet a variety of needs, especially if you're interested in alternative investing.

Find Your Unique Path To Cultivate Wealth

with my financial priorities guide.

A blog to help you cultivate wealth and gain flexibility

a collection of guest posts, guides, and personal money stories

I don't have an amazing get-out-of-debt story or a make-six-figures-a-month story. What I do have is accumulated knowledge, financial experiments, and plenty of mistakes. Over time, I've learned what works for me when it comes to using my financial resources to create a life I love. Check out my money blog for information about how I structure my finances and make the most of my money. Maybe you'll find inspiration for your own money journey.


The Truth About Credit Scores — The Post You Asked For

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Self-Improvement and Privilege

It's nice to think that anyone can engage in self-improvement. Unfortunately, while there are a few things most people can do, a lot of what we view as self-improvement requires financial privilege. Twice a month, I visit with a therapist. She helps me navigate deep work on myself. I learn about my programming, what's holding

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How to Determine Your Investing Priorities

As you put together an investing plan, you need to know your priorities. Here's how to set your investing priorities. I like to think of my money as a resource that I can direct to accomplish different goals. One of the many foundational pieces of my finances is investing. I like to use investing as

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Money Q&A: COVID-19, Stock Market Crash, and Emergencies

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Income Inequality: Hard Work Doesn't Mean Wealth

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Home Business

3 Tips For Setting Up Your New Office

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