The Stealth Marketing Effort for My Book Underway

Someday, I'll be a marketing genius. But, for now, all I've got is a bit of stealth marketing for my book.

I'm calling the “strategy” associated with marketing my book “stealth marketing” because, so far, it really just consists of randomly letting people know I've got a book out. This is not the best way of getting yourself out there to promote your home business, but I'm hoping to gain a little steam, mainly through the efforts of other people asking me if I want to promote my book and going along with it.

I know I need to take a more active role in the whole process, and I'm working on getting up my courage. For now, though, here are three places where you can find information about my book:

  1. Stacking Benjamins: I return to the basement for a conversation with Joe about entrepreneurship and my book. The Stacking Benjamins podcast is a great way to learn about money, whether you listen to the full podcast, or the short stack.
  2. Wise Bread: I wrote a guest post for Wise Bread last week. It's about why you shouldn't bid on freelance writing gigs. If you know me, you know that I hate getting work through freelance “marketplaces.” So go read my rant. Also, Wise Bread is sponsoring a giveaway of my book. The site is giving away three copies. Enter to win! All you have to do is leave a comment on the post.
  3. Single Moms Income: Alexa at Single Moms Income asked me a few questions about freelance writing, and getting started with a freelancing business. You can read the results of the interview on her site.

I have a few more guest posts lined up, thanks to the intervention of Gary at Gajizmo. But, really, I need to do a little more. Participating in last week's book sale, organized by Ben at Money Smart Life, gave me a bit of a boost, but now the price is back up to normal, so I've got to hit it hard going forward.

I've Got an Affiliate Program!

One of the ways that a home business owner can boost his or her business is by offering an affiliate program. While my own experience as an affiliate has been somewhat dismal so far, I hope that offering an affiliate program to those who want to sell my book works out. You can sign up to be an affiliate to sell the PDF ebook version of?Confessions of a Professional Blogger and earn a commission. I'd like to think that since my business partner is in charge of that end of it, things will run smoothly. (You can buy your copy of my book, directly from me, at my other web site.)

The hope is that these efforts to expand my brand, and to diversify a little bit by offering something more than just my writing services, will yield fruit. But I guess for it to really work, I need to move out of stealth marketing mode and really go all out.

2 thoughts on “The Stealth Marketing Effort for My Book Underway”

  1. Nick @ Millionaires Giving Money

    Nice strategy, I’m also thinking about writing my own book and affiliate programs are excellent if you want to see a return quickly. I guess the most important factor is getting your book out there through networking, another crucial factor is your followers, the more loyal they are the more you will make.

  2. Finding the right strategy in marketing can be difficult because you have to find the balance between ‘I’m-shoving-the-book-in-your-face’ and ‘I-wrote-this-book-you-may-find-it-helpful’. You could add the following ideas to your current strategy:
    – sell it actively through your own blog, reminding readers about it through newsletters and a nice big photo in the sidebar,
    – I noticed your book doesn’t have any reviews on Amazon yet, so consider asking a few family members to read the book and write an honest review about it on the site,
    – make the book title your signature if you participate in any forums related to personal finance.

    I’m waiting for my own copy, in case I win the giveaway!

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