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  1. This is a comment really on your last post. I heard somebody say once that if Democrats had any brains they’d be Republicans, but I say if the Republicans had hearts they’d be Democrats.

    It is right that you can’t generalize, but the state of things right now makes it really hard to believe the elephants have got it figured out. Plantboy and I were up until midnight last night talking about Frontline’s piece on Iran. It was very powerful.

    November 3rd, eh? I think I’ll post an essay that day that I wrote a few years ago about climate change. And we’ll go carless that day. Hm . . . I’ll have to think about what else.

  2. Oh, and PS. I scrolled down a little bit because I like your ideas and just was reading a bit more. I laughed until my sides hurt on your “temple” post.

    I just moved from L**** a couple of months ago. My hubby, Plantboy, was actually the gardner for the friendly neighborhood devil on the right. Really. Also, a good friend of mine has a sister who married his son. When his sister got out her endowments, he was actually sitting NEXT to him in the session. And yes, it was his movie they showed. My friend calls his sister’s husband devilspawn. 🙂

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