Super Bowl and Super Tuesday

It's already going to be a “super” week! The Marquit household is a happy household because Daddy's team, the Giants, pulled a major upset. So the week is off to a positive start.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. I'm hoping to vote. But my car was called in for a new timing chain (safety recall) and the closest Saturn dealership is in Riverdale. So we have to drive down there for an “operation” that should take four or five hours. With luck, decent weather and competent mechanics, I should be back in time to cast my vote for Barack Obama to get the Democratic nomination (as an “unaffiliated” person, the Democratic primary is my only option).

Utah primaries FYI: The Democratic Party primary is open. You do not have to be affiliated with any party to register your opinion in the matter of a Democrat (but you can't be a Republican for the presidential primary — even though Republicans can vote in June's non-presidential primaries). Republican primaries in Utah are closed, however. So if you aren't a Republican, you can't cast your vote for that preference. Unless you switch parties at the polling place.

Deseret Morning News has a great explanation of who can vote in Utah primaries.

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