Tax Day and Tea Parties

I've been asked what I think about today's Tea Parties. And how the “liberal” media isn't covering them. First of all, the “liberal” media has been covering them. I've been seeing stories about them on CNN, MSNBC and in several newspapers for the past two weeks. The only reason you think the “liberal” media hasn't been covering them is because you probably watch Fox “News” exclusively, and they have been telling you, in a “fair and balanced” manner that Tea Parties are not being covered, even though the “grassroots” nature of them requires coverage.

The actual liberal media has also been covering these Tea Parties. (And by actual liberal media, I mean HuffPo, AlterNet, Think Progress, FireDogLake and the like.) And, doing so in a way that the mainstream “liberal” media isn't. Indeed, once you look at who is funding these Tea Parties, you see that it is corporate lobbyists. Um, isn't that part of what these Tea Parties are supposed to be against? Aren't these Tea Parties a purely “grassroots” effort? Whatever.

Anyway, AlterNet has a great piece on corporate lobbyist coordination of today's Tea Parties, and Think Progress has a rather strident piece about Tea Parties. And TBogg at FDL has a rather great quote about the whole thing. So, that's what I think about Tea Parties.

Happy Tax Day.

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