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One of my life?s greatest pleasures has long been turning my documents over to someone else to prepare. Read this review of H&R Block Tax Pro Go to see if it?s a way for you to get that same feeling for a reasonable cost.

As many of you know, I stopped preparing my own taxes several years ago. It just got too complicated to deal with the business income, investments, and other items. My time is my most valuable resource, so I started taking everything down to the accountant?s office.

After a while, though, even taking my stuff down to the accountant became tedious. I?d make an appointment, bring in my documents, and sit and wait while he went through everything. When I found someone that I could just send everything to online, it got even better.

I?m not alone, either. H&R Block recently found that many people who use professionals would use their time differently if they didn?t have to schlep down to the office. In fact, 41% of those respondents said they?d spend time with their friends and family. I know I like having my life back.

So, if you want to reclaim your time during tax season, you might be able to get the same benefit I do if you use H&R Block Tax Pro Go.


H&R Block Tax Pro Go Review

First of all, H&R Tax Pro Go features an easy-to-use interface. You can easily find what you?re looking for.

Before you get started, you are asked a series of questions about your situation. Once you answer, you are matched with an actual tax professional who has experience with your specific situation. As a long-time freelancer and business owner, I know how important it is to have someone who ?gets? your business and can provide you with expertise.

Not only are you matched with someone, but you also get your pricing upfront. H&R Block prices start at less than $60 for one federal and one state return. However, if your taxes are a little more complicated (like mine are), you can expect to pay more.

However, I found that the price was well within a reasonable amount. I?ve paid $500 in the past to have my taxes prepared, so the H&R Block price was definitely competitive with what I?ve seen going into other offices.

After that, things sail along easily. This review of H&R Block Tax Pro Go wouldn?t be complete without sharing some of the benefits associated with this product:

Tax document upload

First of all, you can upload your tax documents securely. I love using these types of technology. In many cases, you can access your important documents online, so it?s easy to simply upload them to H&R Block?s intuitive interface.

I like to create an encrypted folder of all my tax documents for a year on my computer, so it?s easy to simply locate everything and then share it securely. It?s easy to save your progress and then come back to it later if you need to.

Talk with an actual human

You don?t have to go in an office and sit down with someone, but you do get to speak with an actual human when you use Tax Pro Go. Once your forms are uploaded, and your assigned tax pro has access to them, you receive a call. This is very helpful. They can ask you questions, clarify anything required, and you can get an idea of what to expect.

Another nice touch is that you can message your tax pro whenever you have questions throughout the process. All communication is secure, so you don?t have to worry.

Fast turnaround of your completed tax return

After your tax pro starts working on your return, you should get it within five business days. Not only do you get your completed return, but you also get an explanation of the deductions and credits that appear on the return.

This can be very helpful. I once had an accountant make a mistake. I didn?t catch it because he didn?t explain it all to me ? and I didn?t pay attention like I should have. Just under three years later (last summer), the State of Utah came knocking. That mistake meant $2,000 more in taxes. Being able to look over your return and get a full explanation of what?s been done is hugely helpful.

Use your refund to pay your bill

If you?ve got a refund coming, you can opt to pay your tax pro?s fee out of the refund and avoid paying anything out of pocket. Or, you can pay via credit card.

With H&R Block Tax Pro Go, you can choose to receive your refund via direct deposit to get it faster. H&R Block has a guaranteed maximum refund, and that provides peace of mind as you plan ahead.

Should You Use H&R Block Tax Pro Go?

H&R Block Tax Pro Go might be right for you if you don?t prepare your own taxes and you?re tired of going into the office. It can be a great time-saver ? and allow you to get professional tax prep at a very reasonable price.

If you?re like me, and you think that time is money, having someone else prepare your taxes is the way to go. And using a service that allows you to get access to a professional without leaving the comfort of your home is a good way to maximize your time.

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