Not too long ago, I took my info to the accountant to have him figure my taxes. The joy. Since I own my own business (I set up as an LLC last year), I, of course, get to pay taxes. I owe more than I thought I would.

In the end, it doesn’t really bother me to pay taxes. After all, one expects certain things like road maintenance, and garbage collection and public schools and what-not. And it has to be paid for somehow.

What does bother me is some of the useless stuff that taxes go toward. Pork barrel projects, corporate welfare (which takes more tax dollars than welfare for people) and funding other countries’ military endeavors (what I’m talking about goes beyond Iraq).

I think I feel happier about paying my taxes if more of the money went to things like improving education and universal health care.

What would you like to see your tax dollars spent on?

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