This Novel Writing Thing is KILLING Me

So I’m feeling very overwhelmed right now. I haven’t done a post on the His Dark Materials trilogy, now that I’ve actually read it, and there are so many other things whirling through my head. But things will have to wait. I only have so much time that I can spend writing for free. And this month the whole novel writing thing is it.

It’s halfway through the month, I’m not halfway done, and I feel overwhelmed. Now I’m repeating myself. But, by golly, I’m going to finish this novel. And then I’ll probably never want to write again.

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  1. Miranda…
    I give you kudos for just taking on such a task. I have thought about writing a book and have just always known that I could never do it. So, you are stronger than me! Good luck with it and we will miss frequent posts from you.

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