This Year: No Personal Money New Year Resolutions

For the first time in a long time, I’m not making personal money New Year resolutions. (But business goals are on the docket!)

Every year for quite some time, I’ve made money New Year resolutions. In the past, I’ve resolved to do things like pay down debt, refinance my mortgage, and increase my retirement account contributions. My money New Year resolutions have helped me stay on track, automate my finances, build a travel fund, and even work less.

money new year resolutions

This year, though, I can’t think of money New Year resolutions. In fact, I’m having a hard time thinking of any resolutions at all for my life. Much of it has to do with the fact that I’ve been in the process of reflecting on my situation and looking for my new purpose for the last six months. My divorce necessitated a fresh start for me midway through the year, and I had to rethink everything about my life, from where I live to how I manage my money.

Plus, it?s hard for me to get excited about money New Year resolutions when I?m not sure what else I need to do with my finances. I’m seriously reconsidering the “need” to make six figures now that I live in Idaho. I already max out my Roth IRA and my Health Savings Account and continue to add money to the taxable investment account that is my emergency fund. I even set up a travel fund after moving and it’s already helping me better plan trips. With all of this, I’m comfortable with my future wealth-building trajectory.

I’m content with my situation, moving forward with my life, and my finances are in decent shape. Of course I can improve my finances, and I’ll make tweaks to how I do things throughout the year. But I don’t have a major financial objective to work toward right now.

What I need to figure out is how to grow my business. But for that, I have to decide what direction I want to head.

Home Business: What Should My Business Look Like?

Right now, my focus is more on what my business should look like. I’m not sure this is even a proper New Year resolution. In fact, I’m in more of an exploratory frame of mind. I know that I need to work on different business ventures, from contributing to the success of the podcasts I’m involved with to growing my website and offering more value to my readers.

While I have different thoughts in my head about what I want to accomplish, I haven’t managed to formulate goals — much less concrete plans to get anywhere. I’m still thinking about what meaning I want to bring to my life, as well as how I want to raise my son.

My home business is a critical part of funding my lifestyle preparing for my future, and providing opportunities for my son. I know I need to decide on next steps, and create a plan to keep it solvent and growing.

What are your thoughts on this brand new year? Do you have money New Year’s resolutions? Have you thought about what’s next for your business?

3 thoughts on “This Year: No Personal Money New Year Resolutions”

  1. Cat@BudgetBlonde

    I have a hard time planning out new goals and resolutions sometimes too. In past years I’ve just had the goal of wanting to maintain the things we have accomplished in the past. It really depends on what is going on in our lives as to what our goals are for each year.

    1. Miranda Marquit

      That’s a good point. Jumping into something “just because” doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sometimes it’s about where you are right now — and what you’re ready to move toward.

  2. Its my first time reading your blogs and I really enjoy them so far. I don’t have any new years resolutions… just more… in the moment goals kinda thing.

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