Too Poor for the Class Trip? You Don’t Deserve an Education.

Sometimes, home school really is best.

I recently learned about a mother in Indiana who kept her children home from school for a few days when they couldn’t go on a class trip. A few kids couldn’t afford a trip to D.C., and when the mother found out they were doing word searches and Sudoku all day, instead of something educational and stimulating like the kids in D.C., she notified the school that they would be staying home with her.

And why not? Finals were over, and the school wasn’t educating them. Why should her kids be “punished for being poor” (as Tris Hussey points out)?

Well they were. Because the absences were “unexcused,” the kids got detention. The mother is going to serve it with them, since she feels bad that the kids are being punished for her decision.

That. Is. Awesome.

The school and school district holding the kids’ grades hostage until the detention is served?

Not so much.

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4 thoughts on “Too Poor for the Class Trip? You Don’t Deserve an Education.”

  1. i would totally fight that decision rather than do it with them. and the school is dumb for even giving them detention. how can they justify themselves? because the kids missed word searches and sudoku? come on.

  2. I think the idea is to alert the local media and pressure the school that way.

    Imagine: “Mom serves detention.” Much more newsworthy than “Mom fights detention.” Moms are always fighting detentions for their kids; how many serve them?

  3. That is just crazy! I am glad that the mother is so involved in her children’s lives and that she is getting the media involved. People should know about these things and maybe it can influence their policy for the future.

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