My Turn at Being at a Pundit on Local TV

Not too long ago, I was asked to join local news anchors to talk about our local and state primary results. Because I’m involved with the local Dems, they asked me on to provide my thoughts as a counterpoint to a moderate Republican (Ann Rydalch) and a conservative Republican (Erik Simpson).

I enjoyed hanging out, and I enjoyed talking politics. I got a shot at being a pundit and I loved it.

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The highlight, though, was when the more conservative guy and I were on the same side against the moderate Republican about Medicaid expansion in Idaho. You can see it go down at about the 15-minute mark.

It was pretty awesome.

At any rate, I enjoy being involved, and working on a cause I believe in (fighting the power in Idaho, and helping work for positive change). Plus, it was fun being a pundit. I thought I’d enjoy it, but didn’t realize HOW MUCH I’d love it. I could see being a pundit in the future. I know we hate talking heads, but it’s really fun to be one.

At least I think so.

Anyway, if you’ve got 20 minutes, watch me double-down as a liberal. It’s good times, if you like that sort of thing.

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