Two Fun Mormon Projects for the Coming Year

One of my three goals for the coming year is writing-related, and it involves making an effort to post more on this site. In order to get me fired up with ideas and explorations, I’m getting involved with to fun (to me, at least) Mormon projects.

Mormon projects


1. Self-Directed Mormon Sociology Course

One of the more interesting people I’ve interacted with online is Brian Whitney, who is a sociology and history guy. He’s been a research assistant in the LDS Church History Department, and done research with the Community of Christ in Nauvoo. He’s put together a self-directed course called Mormonism in Context. It looks ridiculously interesting, and I’m going to follow it through and then write about what I’ve learned, and my impressions of it.

I find the sociological aspects of my religion as interesting as the history and theology aspects, and this course should be a fun way to combine it all into a big happy party. At least if you’re into that sort of thing. And I am.

2. Teenage Miranda’s Thoughts on Scriptures

As I prepared to leave Idaho and return to Pennsylvania, my sister brought out my old scriptures. These were the scriptures I had in seminary during high school, and during my first semester of Institute at college. They are filled with underlinings, notes in margins, and general thoughts on Things related to my immortal soul. Apparently they were just sitting downstairs in one of the guest rooms, available for the use of anyone who wished to peruse the deep thoughts of a teenage geek girl.

Because I’m pretty sure I’ve turned into someone different since I was a teenager (at least I hope so), I thought it would be fun for me to read some of my old notes, and then reflect on what’s different now. Well, obviously I’m different, thanks to my life/religious journey thus far.

This is going to be the Year of Navel Gazing with the Help of Mormonism. All of my ramblings here are navel gazing, of course, but these Mormon projects will give more direction to my navel gazing.

Join me. If you have any Mormon projects of your own — or any other religion-type projects of your own that aren’t necessarily Mormon-y — I’d love to hear about it. Because the only thing more fun than an examination of your religious feelings is an examination of your political feelings (and I’ll probably do plenty of that, too).

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