Unpacking in My New Home

The whole unpacking in my new home thing has gone kind of slow because I’ve been busy with things like working. And this weekend I went to Peach Days. Then subsequently got sick. But I’m feeling better and have been unpacking my books. It’s fun for me to unpack my books. It always take me the longest because I open them and read a little bit (sometimes I read a lot).

So, as I sat there going through my books, I came across The Stepford Wives and began reading. I was struck by the book because, well, I live in Utah. And the parallels are uncanny. But mainly because of the missed point of the book. A lot of people think that the book makes fun of the “perfect housewife” image. This is not true. The main point of the book is about the men in the book.

These men didn’t want the wives they had–bright, intelligent women with a variety of interests. They wanted Stepford Wives to cook and clean, look attractive and not want to do anything else. The point of the book is that the men weren’t man enough to handle a “real” independent woman. And in Utah, I sometimes see this. My husband is from New York. The fact that I am outspoken, political, a terrible cook and someone who only cleans the house once a week (with his help) doesn’t bother him. But he spent the months up to our wedding (all three of them) and after explaining to all his buddies and the men in the ward that he likes me. Generally to blank stares. It was as if he had to defend his choice of spouse.

I know it isn’t all like this in Utah, and you can find it everywhere, but of all the places I’ve lived, it seems to be the most prevalent in this state.

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