Should You Use the Oxford Comma?

In the debate about the Oxford comma, which side are you on?

For the last couple of years, there has been a raging debate surrounding the Oxford comma. I’ve experimented with my punctuation, and overall I like the Oxford comma (also sometimes called a serial comma).

In the end, I’m on the side of the Oxford comma. It’s clearer. I’ve seen the following funny illustration(s) on several sites, and I have to agree.

Oxford Comma

What do you think? Are you for the Oxford comma, or against?

0 thoughts on “Should You Use the Oxford Comma?”

  1. I didn’t realize it was called the oxford comma, but I had heard it wasn’t supposed to be used. I did have the same odd feeling that sentences don’t read as well without that comma, those pictures sum it up perfectly!

  2. I am not sure the second picture is a good example. The phrase “eggs, toast and orange juice” makes perfect sense. The image actually represents the phrase “eggs and toast and orange juice”. The first picture is spot on.

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