Using Fiverr to Outsource Home Business Tasks

Looking for a way to cost-effectively outsource home business tasks? Fiverr is a good place to start.

A home business owner doesn’t normally consider that he or she needs to have “employees.” At least, not at first. Many home business owners are solopreneurs who don’t actually hire permanent employees. You might decide to move out of your home office at some point, but as a home business owner, you probably aren’t thinking about hiring a whole team.

However, there might be some home business tasks that require you to outsource, just to save your sanity. I hired a virtual assistant a couple of years ago, so the only employee I have, at least on paper, is my son. Having a virtual assistant has been great, taking some of the mundane work associated with posting on social media. My son also takes care of some of the office tasks that I don’t want to spend time on.

But there are other, less regular home business tasks that need to be done. For those tasks, I’ve started using Fiverr.


What is Fiverr?

You’ve probably heard of Fiverr. It’s a super-cheap way to get access to professional services. Professionals offer their services, from writing, to social media promotion, to graphics. Services start at $5 for a single item. So you might be able to get a 15-second intro to a podcast recorded for $5, or a writer might provide you with a 350-word blog post on a topic of your choosing.

Normally, I don’t condone these low-cost freelance marketplaces. As a freelancer myself, I have a hard time getting excited about sites like Fiverr that seem to undercut creative professionals. However, after poking around a bit, and seeing more about how Fiverr works, I feel a bit better. I also like how it’s not just a straight $5 deal.?You can order extras to the list. For writing professionals, this can include charging for research.

home business tasks

What’s really been helpful to me, however, is the fact that I’ve found someone I can use to create intros and outros for a podcast I’m working on. Since part of my home business plan is to build my brand, it makes sense for me to look for ways to get “out there” more, and I’m doing that with the Money Mastermind Show and with an upcoming podcast collaboration. Using Fiverr to get what I needed was an efficient way to outsource a home business task that I wasn’t prepared to accomplish.

Fiverr can be used for other items, too. I’ve talked to fellow solopreneurs, and they have used Fiverr to outsource home business tasks from translation to transcription to logo design and more.

Outsource Home Business Tasks and Focus On Other Items

The reason to outsource home business tasks is to free you up to work on items that are less mundane, and have more to do with the big picture. It’s about employing the Pareto Principle so that you can you can focus more on the things that offer you the best results. I know that my day is pretty much shot if I have to spend a lot of time messing with social media. I also know that fiddling with audio, or doing something like that, can be a major time suck.

Instead of trying to beat the learning curve, I instead outsource home business tasks that others can do more efficiently. Creating a podcast intro would take me forever, since I’d need to find music that I have the rights to use, and then I’d have to work on it to get it just right. I once created a logo. It took me hours.?This way, I spend a little money, and someone with expertise takes care of it. In the meantime, I can be doing something that I’m good at, and that can grow my business.

Am I still a little ambivalent about Fiverr? Sure — especially from the perspective of a freelance writer. But I definitely think it’s a step above some of the other freelance marketplaces out there. And, as a home business owner, I think that Fiverr is a great resource.


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