Utah Lawmakers Take a 10% Pay Cut

Utah lawmakers decided to forgo the automatic yearly pay raise they gave themselves last year and take a 10% pay cut. That amounts to $13 a day. (They get $130 a day which, admittedly, isn't much.) Anyway, the thing that made me laugh was that opponents of the pay cut were talking about how a bigger cut would result in only rich people being able to afford to be legislators. Um…right. Are these guys are aware that here in Utah many people are getting much more than a 10% pay cut — and they don't have additional jobs to fall back on.

But the pay cut doesn't tell the whole story. They may be forgoing the automatic pay raise, and taking a token pay cut, but they are all about retaining the perks they approved for themselves last go:

  • New laptops for all the legislators.
  • New private offices for many.
  • New BlackBerrys for everyone.

The budgets were approved last year, true, but if our legislators were really interested in “sharing the pain” experienced by many Utahns, they would have denied themselves the perks as well, and let that money go back into the budget. After all, many budgets being slashed now were approved last year. $13 a day is hardly a sacrifice for most of our legislators.

2 thoughts on “Utah Lawmakers Take a 10% Pay Cut”

  1. The fact that my tax money goes to pay people like Chris Buttars and Michael Waddoups anything at all to sit there and spout ignorance and hate is insulting on its own merits.

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