Utah Went 34% Barack Obama

This is actually very exciting for me. My husband and I figured that if Utah went at least 30% Obama, it would be as good as a win here. Hooray!

At any rate, last night was inspiring on two levels:

  1. A re-surfacing of the John McCain I admired so much in 2000. That classy, principled guy that sort of disappeared in 2006 when he started running for president. It was an amazing concession speech, and I think that it shows great character and a true Country First attitude to pledge — and encourage his followers to do so as well — to be supportive. And, really, even if you don’t support Obama, it’s worth giving him a shot now that he’s president. I wasn’t thrilled about Bush when he won, but I was generally supportive until 2003 when he started making decisions that were not really good for the country. So Obama’s worth at least a good ol’ college try.
  2. Obama’s call for unity and collective action. I love how Obama’s theme has been “Yes we can.” Because he’s been using “we” language. He has been calling us to action, and asking us to BE better. He’s not telling us what he’s going to do for us, and he hasn’t been setting himself up as a savior (contrary to what some would have you believe). He’s been calling for — and he renewed that call last night — for us to work together to achieve change. He also pointed out that we have a long way to go, and he’s right.

One-party government

While it is true that the Supreme Court as a whole is fairly centrist, I am concerned that the other two branches are going to be the same party. After all, we saw the sort of havoc that could wreak from the outset of the Bush presidency until 2006. A little opposition is good. I dislike the two-party system because there is too great a chance of one-party government, and at the same time, only having two parties leads to more bitter divisiveness. Especially since, as has been especially pronounced since the Gingrich years, it loyalty to party trumps loyalty to country, and beating the other party and getting elected at all costs becomes the goal.

So while I think Obama could be very good for the country, I do worry about this rather large contingent of Democrats. But, the good news is that in 2 years if Congress hasn’t managed to accomplish anything with this mandate (and it is more of a mandate than 2004 was), we can switch things up again.

Finally, as is my wont, here are some of the blog posts I wrote today regarding plans offered by Barack Obama:

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3 thoughts on “Utah Went 34% Barack Obama”

  1. Love your insight, as I always do! I had very similar thoughts on both candidates’ speeches Tuesday night. With all the negativity during this election, it was great to have a night of positive and hopeful words from great leaders. I really do hope that the country unites and answers Obama’s call for everyone to do their part in helping make the changes in this country. Since my knowledge is so limited, I especially appreciate including the links on your thoughts concerning the financial aspect Obama’s presidency.

  2. Thanks miller family! I, too, hope the country can unite. I think one of the biggest obstacles we face is people holding on to partisanship at this time. It’s time to remember that we’re all Americans. (Hmmm…where have I heard that before?)

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