[Video] 3 Tips for Battling Freelance Writing Burnout

Do you have freelance writing burnout? This week's video offers you 3 tips you can use when trying to power through burnout.

One of the biggest problems that many writers face is online freelance writing burnout. There are always deadlines to meet since the Internet is insatiable. Content creation is still one of the most important aspects of being online, and freelance writers always need to keep on top of the situation. This can lead to fatigue and freelance writing burnout.

While you might not be able avoid burnout altogether, you can battle the situation with strategies like raising rates and taking breaks. Here are 3 tips for battling freelance writing burnout so that you can at least keep writing. When you keep the burnout at bay, you are able maintain the quality of your work, as well as the quality of your life.

0 thoughts on “[Video] 3 Tips for Battling Freelance Writing Burnout”

  1. Hi Miranda,

    Thanks for this information. Taking breaks really does make a difference. There’s a lot of research out there that confirms that shorter, more focused work periods with breaks in between are ultimately more productive.


    1. Miranda Marquit

      If you can get approval through the intern’s school for credit, that can be a good solution since you might not have the funds to pay a virtual assistant. I like the fact that I’ve hired a virtual assistant to help me with my work. It really helps me avoid burnout on the mundane tasks.

        1. Miranda Marquit

          Oh, I see. Unfortunately, I’m not hiring anyone right now (I already have a virtual assistant).

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