[Video] Online Freelance Writing Tidbits: Social Media Promotion

Anymore, social media promotion is a big part of online freelance writing. But how much should you do for a client?

One of the reasons that some of my clients hire me for their online freelance writing needs is due to the fact that I have a decent enough network, and I have 10,000 Twitter followers. That’s not a ton of Twitter followers, and it really doesn’t mean much, but some clients like to see that you are active on social media, and that you share things.

What’s hard is figuring out how much to share. After all, social media promotion can become time-consuming. There’s a reason I pay someone else to take care of most of my social media promotion needs.

So, how much should you do for a client? While it makes sense to share a couple times, on some of your networks, you don’t want to be taken advantage of. For the most part, social media promotion is the client’s job, as part of his or her business. It’s common courtesy for you to give it a tweet or a Facebook share, but don’t let your clients take advantage of you. If they want a lot of social media promotion, you should compensated accordingly.

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