Voting in Logan

Every Friday the Herald Journal here in Logan does a feature called “My two cents worth.” The idea is to get an idea of what the “person on the street” says about issues today. Since there was a primary for city council seats on Tuesday (I guess Joe Needham is going to need some help in order to overcome Jay Monson now), this week’s timely topic was voting: “What would it take to get you to vote?”

I vote because I am passionate about politics, and I believe it is my civic duty. When I was 18, I went down and registered to vote. Then I bought my first lotto ticket. It doesn’t take anything to get me to vote. But here are two of the genius responses for the “person on the street”:

  1. “Maybe if it wasn’t in the winter.”
  2. “…Incentives such as popcorn would help.”

The chance to affect life at the local level, to participate in democracy? Not enough. But give me some popcorn and I’ll show?

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  1. They forgot to mention soda. Give me Dr. Pepper any day. :p Not that I could vote, even if they gave me a gift card to Olive Garden…

    You bought a lotto ticket? LOL

  2. Yeah, the lottery is indeed daring. If you won, would you pay tithing on it? Something I’ve always wondered about… Okay, sorry, totally taking your post off topic… :p

  3. LOL. Actually, the Church considers winnings from lotto and gambling “filthy lucre” and doesn’t want you to pay tithing on it. I know it’s wrong, which is why I will never win at lotto or at the slots in Vegas (which I tried once).

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