Want a Better Online Shopping Experience? Consider Shopilly

Window shopping from your computer with Shopilly. A cool way to boost your online shopping experience.

I do a lot of my shopping online. It's convenient, I can usually find just what I want, and it often costs less.

However, it can get a little annoying to sift through all of those emails coming from various brands and stores.

Enter Shopilly.

The point of this site is to bring your retail emails to one dashboard, allowing you to “window shop” from your computer. It's actually pretty cool, and a good way to get a good look at what deals are coming your way.

Online Shopping

Signing Up for Shopilly

Like so many other online applications, Shopilly can connect through Facebook. But you still need to set up a username and password, even if you use the Facebook function.

The point of Shopilly is that you give your Shopilly email address when you sign up for those promotional emails. So, instead of giving retailers the key to your inbox, you give them yourusername@shopilly.com.

Your email inbox is less cluttered, and you can manage your emails from a visually pleasing dashboard.

Shopilly also lets you pick favorite categories, based on your online shopping preferences. You can choose from daily deals, fashion, shoes, travel, technology, gifts, and more. It's about personalizing and organizing your shopping experience so that you can quickly see what's available to you — and discard what you don't want.

And it's all done from a dashboard so that you don't have to see your inbox filled with annoying ads.

Overall, I think that Shopilly is a great way to organize your online shopping, especially if you are hardcore about it.

What do you think? Have you tried something like this?

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