Way to Go Idaho! International Year of the Potato Kicks Off

I’ve been pretty spotty the last couple of weeks. And some of you have noticed. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that a few of you actually miss me when I’m “gone.”

As some of you know, I spent my formative years in Idaho. My parents still live there. I enjoyed a lovely weekend being snowed in there, wondering how the roads could be worse after it stopped snowing. (Answer: the wind and the ice — but mostly the wind, blowing the new snow all over.)

So when the U.N. made the announcement (the decision was actually made in 2005) that this year will be the International Year of the Potato, I got excited. I love the potato. It is versatile. And, as the U.N. points out, it is chock full of nutrition and easy to grow and harvest. The idea is to focus on the potato as a food source in the coming years, especially for developing countries.

Yay potato! Yay Idaho! For this one year, I will stop irritably correcting all my non-Idaho friends when when they refer to Idaho as the “potato state” instead of by its proper nickname, the Gem State.

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  1. i love potatoes too!!! in almost every form avaliable except scalloped. those are just yuck. french fries, chips, baked, mashed, smashed, love it. or in stew or potatoe soup…i could keep going. glad you’re back!! had no idea that idaho was the Gem State…

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