Westboro Baptist Church Coming to President Hinckley’s Funeral

The people of Westboro Baptist Church have annoyed me for awhile. I find it disrespectful and disgusting that they travel around to soldiers’ funerals and picket, carrying signs that read things like “Pray for more dead soldiers.” The members of this particular extremist congregation believe that 9/11 was a result of our country’s tolerance for gays. They also protested Heath Ledgers funeral. For obvious reasons. Basically, this group has made it a point to be hateful to gays, and they choose memorials to spout their message of intolerance.

So why are they protesting President Hinckley’s funeral? Because he was “ambiguous” in statements about gays and “too accepting” of them. After all, Jesus was all about rejection, right? But because of who they are, they have an extra beef against the prophet, reports the Deseret Morning News:

A handful of members of the church, based in Topeka, Kan., plan to stage a quiet protest during the funeral, displaying picket signs criticizing the late LDS Church leader for being a “lying false prophet” and “leading millions of people astray,” said Shirley Phelps-Roper, Westboro Baptist Church spokeswoman and daughter of Pastor Fred Phelps.

While these folks have the right to do it, and I wouldn’t take it away, I still find it distressing that many people would take this as a model of Christian behavior. And, of course, I find it terribly tactless to protest at a funeral.

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10 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church Coming to President Hinckley’s Funeral”

  1. I agree with you; I think that protesting at a funeral is one of the worst ways to show that you stand for something. I actually don’t understand why people protest with picketing anyway. In my experience it never gets anywhere but people getting mad.

  2. I can understand in some cases. I understand mass protests for a cause; they are a visual representation of how many people believe something — and are willing to show their support. Picketing, though, is a little different in many cases. Often (but certainly not always) it involves some sort of harassment…

  3. I normally the one to take the high road but this just infuriates me; they believe God hates more than he loves. I think it would be appropriate for some individuals to infiltrate the group with the own pickets To blend in to look like them and have signs saying “God Hates Chocolate”, “God Hates Goats Milk”, Real Random Stuff, are even more ridicules, “God hate himself”, “God Hate Babies”, “God Hates Everything He Made”, “God Loves Hell”. “God Loves to Hate”. I would if I lived in the SL.

  4. you’re right anon. this sort of thinking describes someone who is not MY god. this god they describe is one of hate and vengeance…as “heathen” as baal.

    but the best thing to do when you see such protesters on the street is to ignore them. what they want is an altercation. it’s actually an insult to them if you ignore them and don’t even acknowledge them as you walk by…

  5. Why did this church protest a funeral of A GREAT MAN?! I once read an article of this and these members wrote a BAD SIGN that read, “Hinckley is in H-E-L-L. Go home! Ur evil! ” THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY MEAN U GUYS!!! PRESIDENT HINCKLEY IS IN HEAVEN!!
    If u live in salt lake, dont be mean to a prophet whom i love!

  6. Actually, Westboro basically goes around protesting at funerals of people they think were “immoral” or somehow offensive to God. It’s sort of their “thing.” It’s sad that people waste life energy and time on that sort of thing, but what can you do?

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